A Salt Spa Christmas

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A Salt Spa Christmas
A Salt Spa Christmas
A Salt Spa Christmas
A Salt Spa Christmas

Mmmm those salt spa days!

The pampering, the total relaxation, the letting go of everything, the total focus on you!  

The exuberant feeling when you walk out of the salt spa, knowing you took the time for you.

Introducing "A Salt Spa Christmas" included are 3 bars of luxurious camel milk salt spa bars.

The exfoliation feeling you get from the salts in the soap leaves the skin feeling Refreshed, Renewed, and Released. Leaving your loved one feeling energized, clean, relaxed with the focus completely on them in the shower. A perfect retreat away from it all.

We took it a little farther and added camel milk to love on skin just a bit more!

This is a perfect gift for the one who deserves the gift of pampering! 


"Refresh"  takes us to the black sands and tropical paradise of Hawaii.  Black Hawaiian lava sea salt is also found here. It is said to have originated from pools of evaporated sea waters, the dark colors came from lava. Today the color comes from ground activated charcoal added to the sea salt from Hawaii.

"Refresh" is lightly scented with black pepper and lime essential oil.


"Renew" takes us to the depths of Wieliczka Salt mines, located in Southern Poland. A place where the white salt crystals have formed on the wooden beams for over 500 years.

"Renew" is lightly scented with tangerine essential oil.


"Release" takes us to the Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab Region, located in  Northern Pakistan. It is said Alexander the Great's horses found the mine when they started licking the rocks. Today the mine is famous for Pink Himalayan Salt.

"Release" is lightly scented with cedarwood and tangerine essential oil. "Release" also has dried, ground moringa leaves added.


Do not wait too long to order this one! Supplies are extremely limited!

Each bar contains coconut oil, salt (specified above), camel milk, lye, castor oil, and essential oil and weighs approximately 4 oz.



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