Camel milk soap sample pack

Clear Springs Soap Company

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Camel milk soap sample pack

If your unsure of what camel milk soap you will love, this is your answer. This collection of client favorite camel milk soaps is just what you need. It is also a perfect gift for any occasion.

The bars are made from extra soap not used in the pouring stage so they may be different in size. 

Included in this box is 6 camel milk soaps which will include:

"What A Wonderful World" it is scented with anise essential oil and has ground anise throughout to get that exfoliation feeling. It smells like licorice.

"Purple Dreams" is scented with lavender and sandalwood essential oils. It is so relaxing.

"Peace, Love, and Happiness" is scented with patchouli and clove essential oils. The clove mellows out the patchouli. It smells beautiful.

"Arise and Shine" is scented with coffee grounds, coffee butter, and roasted coffee oil. This is very invigorating.

"Coniferous Cabin" is scented with pine essential oils. A very relaxing woodsy scented soap.

"Tickle me Spearmint" is scented with eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils. This one awakens your senses and leaves you feeling fresh.

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